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Team eLevate: Online Warriors to LAN Warriors

by Justin Tremoron May 22, 2015
The Red Rebellion was able to finish with an impressive Top 5-6 finish at UMG California 2015 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Going into the event, many believed that Team eLevate was an online-dominant team only, and couldn’t carry over to a LAN event successfully. They definitely proved many wrong throughout the event.

Enigma 6: Turning Heads at UMG California

by Justin Tremoron May 21, 2015
We’ve seen it time and time again, where underdog teams disappoint some of the biggest names out there. Former teams along the likes of Stunner Gaming and Team Revenge are few to mention. But what Enigma 6 did this past weekend at UMG California, was quite the spectacle.

Season 3 Relegation Tournament Details Announced

by Justin Tremoron May 21, 2015
Today, Major League Gaming released full details on the upcoming Season 3 Relegation Tournament and online qualifier for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


UMG California: Day 3 Recap

by Justin Tremoron May 18, 2015
Championship Sunday was filled with high-intensity matchups and loads of excitement as your UMG California champions were crowned for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. So, how did teams fair against each other?

Gfinity CS:GO Spring Masters II – Day 3 Recap

by Peter Stewarton May 17, 2015
Here is the Day 3 recap of the Gfinity CSGO Spring Masters II.
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Gfinity Spring Masters II: Final Placings

by Rhys Barnes-Milleron May 17, 2015
We give you the final placings for Gfinity Spring Masters II and prize money


UMG California: Day 2 Recap

by Justin Tremoron May 17, 2015
Day 2 for UMG California consisted of the conclusion of Open Bracket and Pool Play. The Winner’s and Loser’s Championship bracket commenced with energizing matches, and mesmerizing plays.

UMG California: Final Placings

by Hypeon May 16, 2015
Your UMG California: Final Placings.

UMG California: Day 1 Recap

by Justin Tremoron May 16, 2015
Day 1 at UMG California for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare consisted of the commencement of the Winner’s Open bracket and Pool Play. Both professional and amateur teams were looking to advance early in this weekend’s tournament, some started successfully, while others struggled to push forward.

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