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UMG South Carolina: Day Two Recap

by Spencer Hesteron February 14, 2016
Day Two of UMG South Carolina for Call of Duty®: Black Ops III has come to a close, and it was full of PlayStation 4 problems and interesting games.

Call of Duty World League “Challenge Division” Event Details Announced

by Justin Tremoron February 13, 2016
Activision Publishing has finally unveiled the long-awaited details for the "Challenge Division" of the Call of Duty World League.

UMG South Carolina: Day 1 Recap

by Connor Bradleyon February 13, 2016
Day 1 of UMG South Carolina is in the books, and you can read our daily recap here.


UMG South Carolina: Event Predictions

by Spencer Hesteron February 11, 2016
In this article, you'll find eSportsNation's predictions for UMG South Carolina, one of the first major North American Call of Duty events of 2016.

CoD World League: Day 2, Week 5 Recap

by Dylan Senon February 11, 2016
Day 2, Week 5 of the Call of Duty World League has continued the streak of interesting gameplay that pros and fans alike can come together and enjoy.

UMG South Carolina: Event Preview

by Justin Tremoron February 10, 2016
UMG South Carolina 2016, the inaugural Call of Duty World League-sanctioned event for the “Challenge Division,” will be taking place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Feb. 12-14.


CoD World League: Day 1, Week 5 Recap

by Max Littmanon February 10, 2016
The first day of Week 5 of the Call of Duty World League is in the books, and we have all the results for you right here.

USTILO Joins Renegades as Havoc Steps Down

by Connor Bradleyon February 9, 2016
Renegades announced that Luke “Havoc” Paton has stepped down from the starting lineup of its competitive Counter-Strike team.

LCS Spring Finals to be held in Las Vegas

by Angelinaon February 9, 2016
The Spring Split Finals of the North American League Championship Series (LCS) has found a new home, Las Vegas.

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