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Call of Duty Championships: Predictions

ESN attempts to make logical predictions regarding the forthcoming Call of Duty Championships.

Call of Duty Championships: Predictions

Competitive Call of Duty has always been about being the best at the game at the highest level. There have been arguments about who the best is; comparing achievements and accolades to others. Thankfully, on April 5th, the arguments will be settled.

Thirty-two teams from all around the world will meet in the City of Angels to compete for $1,000,000 and the title of “Best in the World.” Before the festivities are underway, eSports Nation brings you our predictions for the event.

First Place


Fariko.Impact is by far the strongest team in the world right now. After crushing the North American competition at the 2013 MLG Winter Championships, the squad crossed the Atlantic and took home EGL 9 without trouble. They are no doubt the favorites to win the Call of Duty Championship.

Second Place

OpTic Gaming

After a disappointing finish at the 2013 MLG Winter Championships, OpTic has been studying Black Ops II inside and out. Working out the kinks in their game, the boys in green are definitely motivated to take home $400,000. Being the winners of the last million dollar tournament, OpTic will be a force to be reckoned with this weekend.

Third Place

CompLexity Gaming

CompLexity (coL) is no doubt a contender. The Frag Cup IV champions had an unexpected exit from MLG Dallas two weekends ago. CompLexity’s placing will come down to how well they play Hardpoint. If they play their game, they could take home the title. If not, they might see an unfortunate exit this weekend.

Fourth Place


Team EnVyUs (nV) is still arguably the strongest team on paper. The slaying power is there, along with the strategy. It will all come down to how the team gels. If they are on top of their game, then they might be unstoppable. There were shades of this as they 2-0’d compLexity on main stage at MLG Dallas. Even though they were 3-0’d by the champions Fariko.Impact, they came one or two plays away from winning each map. If nV can make those crucial plays, then look for them to place higher than fourth.

Fifth Place

Quantic Gaming

Quantic Gaming is a namesake in competitive Call of Duty. If you’ve read our team preview featuring Quantic, you would see that they have been putting tons of time and effort into preparation for this event. Nothing motivates a team more than playing for $1,000,000. Quantic has the chemistry and talent to succeed, and there will be no better place to prove it than this weekend in Los Angeles.

Sixth Place


You might be surprised to see UNiTE.NA so far down. After placing second at MLG Dallas, the proclaimed “FAL God” Clayster, was forced to pick up three teammates due to ineligibility. Picking up three EU players from Prophecy in T0MMEY, Gunshy, and former teammate ShanE, the CoD Championships UNiTE.NA is undoubtedly talented. With this being said, the team has had a short amount of time to practice and there is still speculation on how UNiTE.NA will perform. They won’t have problems with most teams, but it is unsure to how they will perform against a Fariko.Impact or a compLexity.

Seventh Place


The reigning EU champions, Epsilon.IRL, are not to be underestimated. XLNC has been in this situation before, playing in the last million dollar tournament with Infinity. It has yet to be determined how they will match up against the dominant NA teams, but don’t write them off right away.

Eighth Place


Fariko.Dragons, an EU brother team to Fariko.Impact, are coming off a runner-up performance at EU Championships, and a disappointing 13th-16th placing at EGL 9. If they can repeat their performance from EU Championships, they could be going home with a nice sum of money.

Hit or Miss

Team FeaR

Team FeaR, a household name since Call of Duty 4, finds itself yet again in the ‘Hit or Miss’ category. At MLG Dallas, the team only won a single Hardpoint match, which came against HeXp on the main stage. They used their two weeks of practice to work on their Hardpoint game and seems to have paid off. There has been some drama regarding the roster, and whether or not they will be staying together if they place poorly this weekend. Since their newly refined Hardpoint game hasn't been tested on LAN, it is unsure how well FeaR will do this weekend.

Hit or Miss

vVv Gaming

vVv Gaming comes off a hot third place finish at MLG Dallas however, with the loss of Realize, the team may be deeply affected in the LAN environment. Dedo playing as a fill in is an amazing pick up but the change in chemistry may prove to be too much to handle for the squad. We could see this team either placing extremely well or could fall short when it matters.

You may have noticed that we failed to include any of the "Rest of World" qualifiers. Since we are unsure how these teams will perform, they have been all dubbed dark horses. These teams could come out and dominate everyone...Or they could fall early to an NA or EU powerhouse. Teams like SoaR could also make a huge appearance at COD Championships. Only time will tell.

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