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CoD Champs 2014: Top-8 Predictions

With $1 Million on the line, who will come out on top?

CoD Champs 2014: Top-8 Predictions

It's finally here. The tournament we've all been waiting for.

Last year, Fariko.Impact won the 2013 Call of Duty Championship, $400,000 in prize money and the title of "World Champion" for the rest of their lives.

With $1 Million on the line again this weekend, teams will be more prepared than ever to face down tough competition.

With Group Play on Friday leading into the 16-team double-elimination bracket over the course of Saturday and Sunday, the 2014 Call of Duty Championship is set to be an explosive event.

Here are our picks to come out of group play.

Group A

Strictly Business and Vitality Returns

Group B

CompLexity and Team Orbit.UK

Group C

Team Kaliber and Lightning Pandas

Group D

FaZe Pro and Trident.T1dotters

Group E

Team EnVyUs and TEC.Intensity

Group F

Rise Nation and Vitality Rises

Group G

OpTic Gaming and Epsilon eSports

Group H

Xfinity and TCM Gaming

It's difficult to pick a Top-8 accurately because once teams make it out of Group Play, they will be randomly seeded 1-8(group winners) and 9-16(second place in each group). Keeping that in mind, here are our predictions for the Top-8 at the 2014 Call of Duty Championship.

8th: FaZe Pro ($25,000)

FaZe's Pro team will be out to prove that, once and for all, you CAN have Proofy and JKap on the same team.

The talented roster that also includes Classic and Replays should have an easy route through group play so they should have a Top-8 seed going into the double-elimination bracket.

7th: Epsilon eSports ($35,000)

A who's who lineup of European all-stars, Epsilon's team is set to raise some eyebrows and win some money at CoD Champs this year.

We believe that Swanny, Tommey, Flux and Jurd will come out on top of most other European teams and take home a Top-8 placement, at least.

6th: OpTic Gaming ($50,000)

The Green Wall will be riding a wave of momentum having played many matches against Strictly Business on LAN at the OpTic House this past weekend, and we expect them to play confidently and well into the winner's bracket.

Led by Nadeshot and Clayster, we believe that MBoZe's OBJ skills and Scumpi's slaying will propel OpTic to a Top-6 placement at CoD Champs.

5th: TCM Gaming ($70,000)

A problem that a foreign team always faces when traveling to the US for an event is jetlag. Traveling across the world is not an easy thing for the body to take.

Luckily for TCM, this will not be an issue for them. When the tournament begins this Friday, TCM will have been in the US for a week, competing on LAN with Team EnVyUs at their team house.

We believe the strong, veteran roster of MarkyB, MadCat, Moose and Gunshy will be a force to be reckoned with in LA this weekend.

4th: Team EnVyUs ($100,000)

Team houses are always hit or miss when it comes to whether it betters a team or not.

For EnVyUs, it's been a welcome change with the addition of StuDyy to solidify and fill out the experienced roster of Rambo, Merk and Nameless.

ESN has high hopes for the boys in blue at CoD Champs and we think they'll finish in the Top-4.

3rd: Team Kaliber ($120,000)

After numerous roster shakeups including the loss of Goonjar, addition of Clayster, loss of Clayster, re-addition of Goonjar, releasing of Neslo and addition of Formal, Team Kaliber is primed for a run at the top prize yet again.

The latter addition of former Halo pro Formal makes tK as formidable a team as any in the tournament and we predict them for a Top-3 placing.

2nd: Strictly Business ($200,000)

Strictly Business tore a path of destruction across the US Championship at Full Sail earlier in the month.

Some would say they got hot at the right time and it was a fluke, but we believe Censor, Saints, Dedo and Apathy are the real deal and will make an appearance in the Grand Finals, if not take home the whole thing.

1st: CompLexity Gaming ($400,000)

The most dominant force in Black Ops 2 as well as the early season of Ghosts, compLexity had a misstep at Full Sail, losing in the Grand Finals to sB.

That loss plus a weekend full of LAN play against teams like tK, Curse NY and JusTus at UGC's Training Grounds has elevated coL's game to all new heights.

The all-star lineup of Aches, TeePee and Crimsix made the controversial move of dropping Clayster for Karma but it has worked out. Karma will be looking to become the first two-time World Champion while the rest of his 2013 World Champion teammates will be sitting there watching.

CompLexity has their sights set on Call of Duty's biggest prize, and we think that they will attain it.

Other Teams to Watch

Rise Nation

Pacman, Loony, Whea7s and FEARS were one of the surprise teams to qualify at the US Championship and they're flying under the radar. They're our pick for a team that could potentially make some waves and score some upsets.


We believe TCM will win Group H but Xfinity should come in second and lock down a spot in the double-elimination bracket, so we're curious to see how much of Muddawg's support can inspire this team.

Vitality Rises

Any team that Gotaga is on has a chance to do well, and the eyes of France will be all over this team.

WiLD Gaming

Led by former eGirl Slayer NexXx, this Canadian-qualified team is in a group with tK and Lightning Pandas so their road will be tough, but we think they have potential to come in second in their group behind tK.

Do you agree with our predictions? Do you hate us? Let us know in the comments below.

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