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CoD Champs 2014: US Championship Predictions

Sixteen teams, only eight move on to Los Angeles.

CoD Champs 2014: US Championship Predictions

It sounds simple. Win two matches before you lose two matches and you'll find your way flying to Los Angeles at the end of the month to participate in the 2014 Call of Duty Championship.

The thing is, the US Championship is anything but simple. Sixteen of the top US teams will fight for just eight spots in the final tournament. A number of well-deserving teams won't make it to LA.

Who will win? Who will go home disappointed?

Here are ESN's predictions for the 2014 Call of Duty Championship US Championship at Full Sail.

(Note: Each pick was made via majority vote of ESN staff members)

Winners Bracket - Round 1

CompLexity vs. Final Boss

It's hard to call any match a shoe-in in this tournament, but compLexity was a unanimous decision to win this match in a vote by ESN staff.

  • WINNER: CompLexity

FaZe vs. Strictly Business

This is a tough match to call as both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, but we believe FaZe will come out on top.

  • WINNER: FaZe

OpTic Gaming vs. Denial West

OpTic Gaming should have little issue with Denial West as their new roster is better fit for LAN than any OpTic team we've seen in a while.

  • WINNER: OpTic Gaming

Team EnVyUs vs. XFINITY

Xfinity will put up a decent fight but we think EnVyUs will take this series and set up a marquee matchup with their rival and brother organization.

  • WINNER: Team EnVyUs

Curse Las Vegas vs. Rise Nation

Rise Nation(Pacman, Loony, Whea7s, FEARS) are a fun team to watch and could make things interesting, but it's hard to bet against Curse LV's talent and track record.

  • WINNER: Curse Las Vegas

JusTus vs. Curse New York

Curse NY only just recently switched over to the Xbox One, so we have our doubts about them as a squad. JusTus is highly talented and very motivated for various reasons so we think they'll take this one.

  • WINNER: JusTus

Denial East. vs VexX Gaming

Led by Phizzurp's versatility, Denial East should prevail over VexX Gaming but this matchup can go either way. We're marking this as a potential upset but picking Denial to take it home.

  • WINNER: Denial East

Team Kaliber vs. KG.Adversity

Team Kaliber has looked incredibly strong as a team recently, and aDv will put up a fight but we think tK is too much to overcome.

  • WINNER: Team Kaliber

Winners Bracket - Round 2

CompLexity vs. FaZe

This is a tough matchup, as we all saw at UMG Philly in one of the most intense matches of that weekend. FaZe jumped out to a 2-0 lead but coL stormed back to win a close match 3-2 and knock FaZe into the Losers Bracket. This will be a close one, but we believe compLexity will prevail again and punch their ticket to LA.

  • Winner: CompLexity

OpTic Gaming vs. Team EnVyUs

This is the matchup that everyone is looking forward to, as the two biggest names in Call of Duty face off with the winner advancing to Los Angeles. Both teams have seen improvements since UMG Philly, but we believe the combination of Clayster and Scumpi on LAN will be too much for nV to handle.

  • Winner: OpTic Gaming

Curse Las Vegas vs. JusTus

Curse Las Vegas has the potential to win it all or implode at any second. ESN believes that LV will be able to pull it together on LAN and set aside their differences. With three of the 2013 World Champions on the roster, Curse LV will have their eyes on the prize and surpass a solid JusTus squad to earn a spot in the final 32 teams.

  • Winner: Curse Las Vegas

Team Kaliber vs. Denial East

After placing 2nd at UMG Philly, tK lost Clayster to OpTic but replaced him with F0rmal, who has arguably one of the best shots in all of Call of Duty right now. The former Halo pro combined with tK's core three players will propel them past Denial East.

  • Winner: Team Kaliber

ESN's Picks to Qualify out of the Winners Bracket:

CompLexity, OpTic Gaming, Curse Las Vegas, Team Kaliber

Losers Bracket - Round 1

Strictly Business vs. Final Boss

Coming off of a tough matchup with FaZe, sB will be hungry to prove themselves. We think Final Boss's exciting run will sadly come to an end against a superior team.

  • Winner: Strictly Business

Denial West vs. Xfinity

This match seems like a toss-up at best, but we're going to stick with Xfinity as they've been together longer (as Team Violent Apprehension) and should have better overall chemistry as a unit.

  • Winner: Xfinity

Curse New York vs. Rise Nation

ESN picks Curse New York to win this one, but with not much confidence. Rise Nation could easily pull off the upset here.

  • Winner: Curse New York

VexX Gaming vs. KG.Adversity

In another close LB R1 matchup, aDv should come out on top against a good VexX squad. Who can forget aDv pushing compLexity to the brink of elimination in the first Online Qualifier?

  • Winner: KG.Adversity

Losers Bracket - Round 2

(Assuming the Bracket continues as in Round 1)

Denial East vs. Strictly Business

In a matchup that sees former teammates and 'duo' Phizzurp and Dedo go head to head, we believe that the latter now resides on the superior team and will head to Los Angeles with them. Strictly Business should handle their business and qualify.

  • Winner: Strictly Business

Team EnVyUs vs. Curse New York

This is definitely one of the biggest and best matches to look forward to. nV is looking to regain past glory and Curse New York is trying to shed the "eGirl Slayers" image and gain their own identity. In this matchup, though, nV is the superior squad and will begin to book their tickets to LA.

  • Winner: Team EnVyUs

Justus vs. Xfinity

Xfinity will have a tough battle against JusTus, a team that is full of individuals who are highly motivated to prove people wrong. Bringing those individuals together creates a scary team that should definitely be able to make some noise when $400,000 is on the line.

  • Winner: JusTus

FaZe vs. KG.Adversity

This is our biggest matchup to look out for in LB R2. On paper, FaZe has the better roster with more experience and star-power but aDv won't make it easy on them. This match could go down to the wire but we believe FaZe will come out on top.

  • Winner: FaZe

ESN's Picks to Qualify out of the Losers Bracket:

Strictly Business, EnVyUs, JusTus, FaZe

So there you have it. It will be extremely tough to see so many great teams not make it to the CoD Champs Finals in LA, but the action only gets more intense from here on out.

The remaining teams will play out the rest of the tournament until a US Champion is crowned, with the incentive being higher seeding at the CoD Champs Finals.

Here's the rest of our bracket predictions:

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