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MLG Anaheim: Predictions

Top 8 predictions for MLG Anaheim from ESN and Call of Duty commentator Benson.

MLG Anaheim: Predictions

Predictions are a tradition here at eSports Nation. Before every event, the staff gets together and comes up with a possible logical outcome for the event. For this event, we sought out the insight of Call of Duty commentator Ben “Benson” Bowe. Here are both ESN's and Benson's Top 8 predictions for the MLG Spring Championships.

First Place


CompLexity is without a doubt one of the strongest teams in the game. After acquiring Clayster, arguably the top anchor in the game next to Parasite, the team has been performing very well online. Clayster provides valuable skill inside the game as well as his hype factor outside of the game. Back in 2011, Aches and Teepee won MLG Anaheim and history does tend to repeat itself. CompLexity will emerge victorious against IcoNs.Impact, denying the “5-Peat” and be crowned the Black Ops II MLG Spring Champions.

Benson’s Prediction: IcoNs.Impact

Second Place


It is very strange not predicting Impact to win Anaheim. Having won the last four major events, Impact have been the best team in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Despite this, the team has not been practicing as much as they probably should have. The skill gap they had over other teams has shrunk and even though they will find themselves in the Grand Final yet again, they will fall to CompLexity.

Benson’s Prediction: EnVyUs

Third Place


Still the strongest team on paper, EnVyUs are still looking to win their first major event of Black Ops II. Unfortunately, this won’t be their event to do so.

Benson’s Prediction: OpTic Gaming

Fourth Place

vVv Gaming

vVv Gaming made waves by taking third at the MLG Winter Championships. After adding Sharp and Goonjar, look for vVv to have another strong event. Depending on how well Realize plays, vVv could place higher than fourth.

Benson’s Prediction: compLexity

Fifth Place


Evil is notoriously “evil” for having broken up numerous rosters to assemble this squad, Evil is undoubtedly talented. Each member of this team has placed second at an MLG event, with only John breaking through that ceiling. This team has the potential to win the event, and it will fall on how John and TuQuick perform to determine if they finish higher than fifth.

Benson’s Prediction: vVv Gaming

Sixth Place

OpTic Gaming

OpTic is definitely a strong team and a title contender. Despite having moved into a team house together, the team might not be as prepared as they would like to be. Although they will be having a “pre-LAN” with European team Prophecy, look for OpTic to place inside the Top 8, but outside the Top 3.

Benson’s Prediction: IcoNs.Evil

Seventh Place


Epsilon is the strongest European team for sure. Along with Prophecy, Epsilon will be venturing into unknown territory to prove their worth on the biggest stage in North America. Epsilon will have to take on the rigorous open bracket and they are favored to emerge from it. Those matches will definitely take a toll on the squad, but they shall finish inside the Top 8.

Benson’s Prediction: Epsilon

Eighth Place

UNiTE Gaming

Eighth was the ironically the hardest prediction for us. UNiTE edged out the competition with their experience and skill. The final spot in the Top 8 is up for grabs, but look for UNiTE to snatch it up.

Benson’s Prediction: Prime Example

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Prime Example

Prime Example has garnered this title from ESN numerous times this season. With two major roster changes, adding Revan and Davis, the team won the fourth PCOQ and secured themselves a championship bracket seed. After barely losing to Team EnVyUs at MLG Dallas, Neslo and company will be looking to break into the Top 8 and secure professional status.

Hit or Miss

The Call of Duty community is notorious for the amount of roster changes teams make. With that said, numerous teams have made roster changes in the past two weeks including Influence, Dare.Impuse, AwG.Fallacy, Curse, IcoNs.Conquer and Twisted Method. These teams could either blow our predictions out of the water, or play right into them. Either way, these teams will definitely be on our radar come MLG Anaheim.

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