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MLG Winter Championships 2013 Predictions

With the 2013 MLG Winter Championships at Dallas, Texas this coming weekend, ESN is back with their traditional, and official predictions for the event.

MLG Winter Championships 2013 Predictions

The first Major League Gaming event of the season is happening this weekend, and the stakes could not be higher. Teams are not only playing for a shot at a $50,000 prize pool, but also for one of eight coveted spots in the Call of Duty Championships on April 5th. Uniformly, we have increased our number of placing predictions from three to eight. With the amount of top teams in the Open Bracket, anything could happen, but these predictions are based on who ESN thinks should perform come Dallas.

First Place

CompLexity Gaming

Complexity (coL) is arguably the strongest team in Black Ops II right now. After the drama riddled finals of UMG Chicago back in December, coL will be motivated to capture the first MLG event of the season, just as TeePee and Aches did two years ago. All the stars are aligning for a CompLexity win, and ESN predicts that they will take home the trophy at Dallas.

Second Place


Fariko.Impact is looking very dominant coming into Dallas. Only dropping a match to FeaR, and one map to UNiTE.NA, Fariko crushed the competition in the rest of the qualifier and won the number 1 seed in the Championship Bracket. This will definitely play a big role in Fariko’s run to Championship Sunday. Also, captain of Fariko.Impact, Karma, told ESN after the winning the WCOQ that he… “Can’t wait to play with this new team on LAN and prove people wrong for saying we’re nothing without John and TuQuick. Look for a repeat of the Frag Cup IV finals at Dallas.

Third Place

OpTic Gaming

You cannot make a predictions article and forget about OpTic Gaming. The boys in green are looking strong online after an unfortunate exit from the WCOQ. Nadeshot recently stated in one of his videos on Youtube, that they are winning online scrims, which he said is strange because they usually lose online, but perform strongly on LAN. With OpTic having to play through the Open Bracket, they will be determined to get their ticket to CoD Championships, but once they do, the fatigue will catch up with them, and they might have a tough time competing with Fariko or EnVyUs.

Fourth Place


On paper, EnVyUs (nV) is probably the strongest team. With three top, if not the top three, slayers in Stainville, Proofy, and JKap, and undoubtedly the smartest player in the game in Rambo, nV is a title contender for sure. Proofy will definitely be looking to make up for his play in the WCOQ that evidently cost them their Losers Bracket match against the former Caliber squad. Fourth is as far as nV will fall, because they can beat any team they come across. It will all come down to how they click this weekend.

Fifth Place


UNiTE.NA is one of the biggest names to rise to stardom in Black Ops II. After performing very well in the WCOQ, and previously in Frag Cup 4 and at UMG Chicago, UNiTE.NA was able to grab the number 2 seed due to complications with the former RoughNex.Trippin squad. Look for them to perform strongly at Dallas, and maybe upset a few favorites.

Sixth Place

Team FeaR

Team FeaR, one of the original names in competitive Call of Duty, is looking very strong going into Dallas. In the WCOQ, they were the only team to beat both Fariko.Impact and compLexity. With the 5/6th seed, Team FeaR is a shoe-in for one of the Top 8 spots. They might run into some problems with the dominant amateur teams, but if they can overcome that, look for them to place higher than 6th.

Seventh Place

vVv Gaming

vVv Gaming is undoubtedly one of the strongest, if not the strongest, amateur team at Dallas. With the 4th seed in the Championship Bracket, vVv is a threat to anyone they play. Their most notable win came against EnVyUs at UMG Chicago under the name Adversity. Keep an eye out for vVv at Dallas, as any match they play will be a good one for sure.

Eighth Place


The newly acquired Curse.NA roster is not one to underestimate. Sharing the other 5/6th seed with Team FeaR, Curse.NA is definitely a contender in the Championship Bracket. All of their members have mainstage experience, and depending on matchups, they could do even better than eighth. Since they already have qualified for CoD Championships, there will be no pressure on Curse.NA, so they could come out on top in a lot of games.

Hit or Miss

Icons Black and Icons Blue

It is very ironic that both IcoNs teams have made roster changes less than a week prior to Dallas. IcoNs Black, Foreplayys team, lost Dedo to brother team Blue and replaced him with Hysteria. Hysteria has teamed with Foreplayy before, but with such little time to practice and Dallas being the first LAN Foreplayy has competed in in a long time; it will be hard to imagine Black performing well at Dallas. Blue is a very fascinating situation. Their original roster of eGo, Rickyy, Study and Example had qualified through League Play for CoD Championships. Due to a misunderstanding on eGo’s part, they were disqualified because Rickyy is 17. After RoughNex.Trippin had disbanded, IntaKe and Dedo joined up with eGo and Example. This team now has the 12th seed, but it is unsure to how they will perform come Dallas. Dedo joined up with Team FeaR before UMG Chicago, and they didn’t place well. It will be intriguing to see how both IcoNs organizations perform this weekend.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

SoaR Competitive and Quantic Gaming

SoaR and Quantic are our teams to look out for at Dallas. Both teams are playing in the Open Bracket, but both deserve to advance past. Quantic has no stress or weight on their shoulders since they have already qualified for CoD Championships. SoaR has a very strong roster and they will shake up the competition in the Open Bracket. Look for either SoaR or Quantic to make a huge run through the Open Bracket, and carry their momentum into the Championship Bracket.

Other teams that are bound to make a splash are NY Thrust and Prime Example Keep in mind that these predictions are always just for fun, so be free to agree or disagree and input your own predictions in the comments below. Also, be sure to tune in to eSports Nation March 15th-17th for our live, on site coverage of the 2013 MLG Winter Championships.