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Who has the most subscribers on Twtich?

The VALORANT closed beta has been a huge success for these streamers.

With the recent release of Riot Games’ FPS VALORANT beta the streaming community on Twitch has seen a huge jump in growth. Partially due to the interest in the new game but also for the chance to gain access. Riot partnered with a ton of content creators to stream their game and as a fan all you had to do was link your Twitch account to your Riot Games account and watch for a chance to be given access.

During the past week and a half some streamers have seen an increase in support unimaginable while others are back to getting the viewers they once grew to expect. Will this sudden rise of viewers stick around? Probably not, as more and more people are given access into the VALORANT closed beta they will turn away from viewing as much and start playing the game themselves.

Lets take a look at some of the streamers who have benefited the most in terms of subscribers from the VALORANT closed beta

SUMMIT1G – While the closed beta only moved SUMMIT up one spot it moved him to the top of all of Twtich with 83,778 subscribers.

XQCOW – Former Overwatch professional for the Dallas Fire jumped up three spots and lands at number two with 47,437 subscribers.

TIMTHETATMAN – Tim has spent countless hours streaming Overwatch and then making the move over to Fortnite. The closed Beta has helped him jump four spots to number three with 47,232 subscribers.

POKEMANE – The biggest jump on the list belong to League of Legends streamer Pokemane. She has jumped 28 spots to now sit at number seven on Twitch with 26,185 subscribers.

While these streamers have seen a huge jump in subscribers over the past few weeks Riot has also announced that any streamer on Twitch can not activate drops on their channel. So go support your friends and smaller streams if that is more your style.